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Weatherstripping Doors

Weatherstripping and Weatherseals for all of your Door

Weather Stripping Doors


Weatherstripping and Weatherseals for all of your Garage Door and Loading Dock Equipment Systems' needs. Order Direct & Save!!!

With a large variety in-stock weatherstripping and seals for all door types, Accurate Overhead offers a complete line of energy saving weatherstripping products to help you seal up those drafts that allows expensive energy escape from your facility. Choose from a large variety of types and configurations for your project.

  • Bottom Seals
  • Jamb Seals
  • Header seals
  • Brush Seals
  • Dock Leveler Seals
  • Entrance Door Seal Kits
  • Miscellaneous Seals

We carry residential and commercial weatherstripping made of high quality painted, roll formed steel, and mill finish or painted aluminum. Weatherstripping products are designed specifically to outlast any other garage door product. We use steel and aluminum retainers because they do not expand and contract during temperature changes. Therefore, they will not loosen, and will outlast vinyl retainers.

Overhead door weatherstripping

overhead door weatherstripping

Heavy duty weatherstrip seals out rain, snow and wind. The unique one piece heavy duty U-shaped seal prevents shrinkage.

Overhead door weatherstripping

BRUSH STRIP / BRUSH SEALS Our brushes are suitable for draught prevention, dust control, noise reduction, guides, pest proofing, spray booths, garage doors, industrial doors, cold rooms, light seals, vehicles, boats, greenhouses, conveyors, dock levellers, cabinets and sealing all types of doors and windows. We have brushes from 3mm and up..


Precision weather seal: Door seals are the most common type of weather seal. We supply seals for door header seals, hoistway sill seals, hoistway jamb seals, hollow metal door seals, rolling steel door weather seals, side sliding door seals, pedestrian doors seals, double door and hollow metal door weather seals. Drive through, delivery doors and dock levelers often require easily replaceable weather seals, which we also manufacture.

Used on wood overhead door. Black vinyl material retains consistency even in the coldest weather. Fits a standard 1-3/8" thick overhead garage door. This wood overhead door bottom weatherstripping seal is one of many top quality items in our overhead garage door weatherstripping department.

Door weatherstripping
Wood door bottom seal.

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