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Rubber Roll-up Doors

Rubber Roll-up Doors

Rubber Doors

TNR Industrial Rubber Roll-up Doors

Durable high-speed rubber roll-up industrial and commercial doors

New Generation Rubber Roll-Up Door

Built To Your Needs

  • Drive system choices for high cycle, with speeds up to 60 inches/sec
  • Options for all types of traffic access and environments
  • NEWGEN™ Guide and Curtain Lok system covers your impact, pressure and wind concerns

Maximum Up-Time

  • NEWGEN™ Guide and Curtain Lok system withstands severe winds and impacts from any direction
  • Dependable and proven heavy-duty drive system configurations
  • Simple, no tools curtain reset

Easy To Maintain

  • NEWGEN™ Guide is one piece, has high-strength anodized aluminum
  • No hinges, cables, pulleys or curtain guide gap to maintain
  • All parts readily available due to simplified design

Long Life

  • Thick, SBR rubber with reinforced core weave withstands head-on impacts
  • Mechanically fastened NEWGEN™ Curtain Lok means no glued components to fall off
  • Wear virtually eliminated by innovative simplicity of NEWGEN™ Guide and NEWGEN™ Curtain Lok

Rubber Doors

Rubber Doors

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