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Safety edges

Beam Sensors Light Beams, also known as Photo Eyes have been used in a variety of applications for a number of years. These sensors detect the presence of a person or object that interrupts the light beam by passing through its path. Typically used for threshold safety, entry notification and start-up activation, it has become a mainstay product for many industries from automatic door manufacturers to premises security companies.

Light beams use a transmitter/receiver system to send an invisible or infrared light beam through the air along a desired path. When the beam is interrupted, a signal is sent to the internal relay, which is wired into the device controls.

Bircher-Reglomat remains on the cutting edge of IR Technology providing the Automatic Door Industry with safe, reliable sensors that come in the most compact housings available in today's market, making Bircher-Reglomat products the best solution for automatic door applications.

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